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There's more than one way to get a construction project done, but at One Way we help our clients find the solutions that fit their needs

Mission Statement

We pursue excellence in the services that we provide in order to serve our community and uplift our employees with the ultimate goal of community TRANSFORMATION and development.

Our ultimate goal when we take on a construction project is to inevitably see community transformation.  Though we desire to fit all budgets, we understand that in order to do construction right we can't cut corners.  

No matter the size of the project our goal is to deliver a satisfactory product and a fair price.  
Unlike many construction companies we house a robust team with a large range of skills and abilities.  

Here are just some of the CONSTRUCTION services that we provide:

Design/Build Construction
✔ Creative/Difficult Build Expertise
✔ Make Ready Construction
✔ New Construction
✔ Renovations
✔ Kitchen Remodels
✔ Bathroom Remodels
✔ Foundation Corrections
✔ Window Well Installations
✔ Building Demo
✔ Roofing
✔ Addition

✔ Specialty Projects
Timber Frame Construction
✔ Custom Construction
✔ Equipment Operations
✔ Large Table Construction
✔ Wood Framing
✔ Metal Framing
✔ Tenant Finish
✔ Flatwork 
✔ Fencing
Pool Installations

Take a look through some examples of the construction projects we have completed.

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